May I place an order for a CUSTOM CAKE?

• No, we have streamlined our cake production. Each day, we fill our showcase with our three best-selling cake sizes. Small Rounds, 8X8 Squares, and 1/4 Sheet Cakes. You'll find a variety of designs and colors for all occasions. Pick your favorite and we add a sentiment while you wait!

Can I place an order for CUPCAKES? 

• YES! Cupcake orders may be placed by phone or online using our URL link. If you are interested a more custom cupcake (i.e. a printed logo, different color icing for top or dots), please call for ordering and pricing.

How do I order online?

• Navigate online to our website www.jospartyhouse.com. On our homepage (click logo at top left if not initially directed to homepage), click the link "ORDER ONLINE HERE". You can also type in our URL directly to your browser -       jospartyhouse.revelup.online.  Start by entering your address. In the top right corner, click REGISTER. Follow the prompts to register your name, address, and phone number. Start ordering.

What part of your menu is available online?

• Cupcakes and a few dessert options are available.

How many cupcakes can I purchase at a time?

• There is no limit to the number of cupcakes you can order at one time. If you enter a quantity that exceeds inventory, please give us a call at 337-433-5882 for accommodations. We may need extra time to fulfill your order, but it can be done.

I entered my address when I ordered/registered. Will Jo's deliver my order to me?

• No, Jo's is currently offering BOPIS only! Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store. We will be offering a delivery option soon, BUT it will be to Pick-Up in Lake Charles at our OLD location. No deliveries will be Store-To-Door!

Does Jo's Party House have the same phone numbers?

• Yes, our phone numbers are still 337-433-5882 and 337-436-6259. Our location changed in 2020, but we never lost complete contact. Please call us with any questions you may have. 

But my party isn't until September 1st? May I place a future order?

• No, we make as many cakes as we can to always have something available for our customers who walk in the door. Custom orders would decrease the amount of cakes we could make and increase the price for a select few. Our goal is to provide cakes and cupcakes for all occasions for as many people as we can.

Are you re-opening a location in Lake Charles? What about Lafayette?

• Absolutely, YES! Our original location was a total loss from Hurricane Laura. When and where we re-open in Lake Charles is yet to be determined. We are in the process of developing a production facility in Lafayette to meet the demands of locations in Moss Bluff, Lake Charles, AND Lafayette. We are excited about the future and thank you all so much for your patience and continued support.